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Dear Friends,

“I will go with you and give you peace.”
(Ex. 33:14 CEV)

We are living through turbulent times, and all of us at Lifewords pray that you – like us – are coping as well as possible. We pray you are finding support and encouragement from family, friends, church and community. The arrival of Novel Corona Virus in our lives has very quickly turned our normal patterns of life upside down. We are having to work out new ways of living, being, relating, working, worshipping in real time. Our living hope is that God is with us as we go through this season, as individuals, as families and fellowships, as human beings together. And we are grateful that we have the Bible’s life words to help us on this journey, reminding us of God’s love, closeness and faithfulness.

This virus affects everyone – it has no boundaries. Yes, we can hunker down and self-isolate, take precautions and heed medical advice: but this is not always so for everyone, especially the poorest and most vulnerable communities – which is why we are doing all we can to keep serving the whole church, the whole world. From the global south to the global north, the Bible’s life words can bring comfort and hope and inspiration in these times. Our desire to ‘make a change for life’ is urgent and it compels us to do all we can.

Our offices in the UK, Poland, Kenya, Brazil, Indonesia, India and Australia have moved to work remotely where possible, using technology to keep in touch and keep the operational side going. Our resources are still available, our stock is good and our distribution still operational. Please bear with us, as naturally there may be some element of delay as postal services are impacted (please pray for all these daily services and those that keep the wheels turning), but in so far as we can every order is still being processed. We encourage you to visit our website and social media, where we will make sure you have up-to-date information on our resources. In coming weeks, we will be looking to add to online ways of serving, encouraging and equipping you during this season. We want to provide you with Bible resources that will help you, help your friends and neighbours and community, and help your church to navigate these uncharted waters.

Let’s pray for each other in these days.

Let’s speak the love of God and the compassion of Christ to all those we love, know, and hold dear – and to the whole human family.

And for our part, Lifewords continues to serve and stand ready.

God bless you,

Grace, peace and prayers from all of us at Lifewords