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Christmas 2020

As a global pandemic rages, we faced a Christmas unlike any other. Joy mixes with grief; rejoicing with exhaustion; all the usual trappings are overshadowed. Yet, the Christmas Story encourages us not to be afraid, but to rejoice in the glad tidings of the “True Light that gives light to everyone”.

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Every year, the True Light comes to us in the hopes, dreams, and disappointments of our everyday lives.

The first time the Story was told, it came in a promise whispered across the Ages, foretold by prophets: it came heralded with songs; delivered by signs in the heavens, the majesty of angels and the mysteries of God.

Each Christmas, the True Light comes once more...

Part of a series of nine Christmas animations, these accompany The True Light print resource that is freely available from Lifewords. You can order yours here.

To watch the rest of the animations, click here.

How does the True Light find you this Christmas?

How are you, really? Are you struggling with everything 2020 has thrown at you? Have you found yourself in a place of contentment? Lament? Change? Pain? Add yours to the sea of voices trying to make sense of life in the midst of this pandemic year - we really want to know how you're doing, and how The True Light found you at Christmas.

This is how the True Light found some people:



Email us, or if you have The True Light booklet, write the answer in the back of the book, snap a picture and email us at uk@lifewords.global so we can include your thoughts and experiences here. If you want your comment to be anonymous, just let us know.


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