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Christmas 2021

With Christmas fast approaching, we are offering a triple treat to help people access and share the Nativity story. Available free (or for donation), OUTSIDE/IN, Meet the Cast and The True Light are three resources that welcome people into the Story through the Bible’s own words.

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The Christmas story is full of unlikely characters. Those on the edges are drawn to the heart of the action. Everyone is invited in. We hope you’ll join us in finding ways to share that invitation this year – to welcome people in to the good news of the Christmas story.

From the family favourite Meet the Casta vibrant and fun introduction the nativity story - to the inclusive and accessible OUTSIDE/INand The True Light that invites people to consider where the ‘true light’ finds them this Christmas, there are some great options for sharing the transformative life words of the Bible this Christmas. 

With accessible printed resources and animations, everyone can be invited into the story. 

Those on the edges of the Christmas story are drawn into the heart of the action

Lifewords have partnered with Biblica – the International Bible Society, and disability charity, Livability, to create a more inclusive and accessible OUTSIDE/IN, providing more in the area of D/deaf access, for those with learning disabilities, for those with sight loss or visual impairment and for those who have a lower reading age. Created to help people experience the Bible as good news, it provides a challenge to churches to welcome marginalised people within their own communities.

You can stream the animation in church services, or use it as a personal reflection this Christmas.

How does the True Light find you this Christmas?

Part of a series of nine Christmas animations, these accompany The True Light print resource that is freely available from Lifewords. You can order yours here.

To watch the rest of the animations, click here.

How are you, really? The pandemic still isn't over and the last couple of years have been hard. How are you coping with everything that has been thrown at you? Have you found yourself in a place of contentment? Lament? Change? Pain? Add yours to the sea of voices trying to make sense of life in the midst of the pandemic - we really want to know how you're doing, and how The True Light finds you at Christmas.

This is how the True Light found some people:



Email us, or if you have The True Light booklet, write the answer in the back of the book, snap a picture and email us at uk@lifewords.global so we can include your thoughts and experiences here. If you want your comment to be anonymous, just let us know.


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