Prison Ministry

Lifewords Kenya is working with prison chaplains in 12 of Nairobi's prisons, remand centres and young offender institutions. Your support can help us offer words of hope and transformation to hundreds of inmates.

Help an inmate today

Will you help those in prison experience the good news of the Bible? Anything you can give will help Lifewords staff visit prisons and share the Bible's life-giving words.

£40 could provide Bible booklets for 100 inmates, £60 could cover Choose Life resources for one group of young people, or £120 could fund travel costs to visit a number of prisons.

In March this year the Kenyan government recognised Lifewords’ work in prisons and gave them authority to reach 12 institutions within Nairobi. This opens up opportunity to reach more and more people. And, it’s the Kenyan team’s hope that they will be able to equip many more chaplains to use Lifewords resources.

“The results after one year of prison ministry have been amazing and we are excited at the change of hearts and transformation of lives as we share good news with the inmates through the programmes and literature,” says Sammy Kamore, from Lifewords Kenya. “Every time we visit different prisons, we get to hear great stories that confirm to us the vitality of this work. It has been a beautiful journey getting involved with the inmates and witnessing the transforming power of God through the Bible’s life words.”



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