Serving in hard places

Indonesia, the fourth largest nation on earth, has recently endured several major disasters: right now, there is still ongoing need that you can help our fellow Christians to meet. Will you help to resource Christian pastors bringing God’s Word to Indonesia?

Help a pastor today

Lifewords Australia Director, Dan Hardie, speaks about the urgent need to bring God's hope and healing to Indonesia:

Last Christmas a tsunami hit the islands of Java and Sumatra. Gunar Sahari (pictured right, below) of Lifewords Indonesia was worried that there was no news of Lifewords volunteer, Pastor Niga (pictured left, below), who leads a church in Pandeglang, Java.

We later learnt that he and his family were safe although, tragically, over 500 people did lose their lives in the disaster, including some of his church community. Around ten thousand people also lost their homes and livelihoods. 

Please will you help people like Pastor Niga to be life words in the hard places? 

For as little as £7.50 – the cost of three cups of coffee – you could help provide Pastor Niga and other pastors with Bible resources – such as Picking up the Pieces and Who Cares About Me?

Pastor Niga with Lifewords Indonesia Director, Gunar Sahari

But Pastor Niga did not rest. He went to Lifewords’ Jakarta Training Center for booklets. Then, he went right back in to the hard place so he could share the Bible’s words of hope and compassion with his devastated community.

"We are so sorry that it happened," Pastor Niga said, "but the disaster is an opportunity for us to show Jesus' love and compassion to our neighbours whose lifes have been affected, as ours have."

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