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Little Brick of Little Books: Laying Foundations

Since the leap year launch of this resource in February, the charity has distributed over 200 Little Bricks, and many charities, churches and organisations have shared how Lifewords resources are bringing hope and transformation to those they support.

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Called to Serve

Ince is 24 years old, passionate about Jesus, and head teacher of a kindergarten school in Bumi Indah. She is just one of many young people who feel called to partner with Lifewords in Indonesia, to share the Bible, serve the community, and reach out to children.

Stepping into joy

At the end of May, Lifewords joined a variety of charities, organisations and independent businesses at Big Church Festival. We went all out on the theme of JOY, showcasing our latest resource, Little Book of Joy, and inviting people to intentionally step into joy.

80 Years of Daily Strength

First published in 1943, Daily Strength has taken on many different covers and forms over the last 80 years, has been translated into many languages and distributed across the globe. To mark the 80th anniversary we wanted to share some stories of how people have been and continue to be impacted by these resources.

Brick By Brick

For years, people all over the world have been using Lifewords Little Books to help others engage with the Bible. Now, for the first time, the Little Books are available in an official, boxed collection, the Little Brick of Little Books. 

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Let God's words bring you hope

Available in printed form and as an animation in over 50 languages, Finding Hope guides the reader from the questions of ‘who cares?’ and ‘where is God?’ to a reminder that God is hope and that God can be trusted.

Common Language

"When you plug into the community and start speaking their language - with the vision of allowing God to work in their lives - the Holy Spirit will do the rest."

Sharing joy this Easter

Each of our Easter resources uses the Bible’s own words to invite people to reflect on the person of Jesus, his death on the cross and his resurrection from the grave.

Anatomy of a Bible Resource: Little Book of Joy 

Lifewords leaps into 2024 with a brand-new title in our Little Book series – Little Book of Joy launched on 29 February, joining the other five books in the collection.  

From 'You Matter' to 'Day by Day' at the YMCA

Over the past four years, the Lifewords booklets have proven to be a valuable source of support at the YMCA hostel for homeless individuals of all ages where John volunteers with chaplaincy support.

Caring for children at risk in Nairobi

In Nairobi, a community is breaking down boundaries, spreading the word, and opening up the church to all as it brings God’s healing, restoration, and welcome to children who have been living on the street.

Words of the Bible for every day

Whether you are making new year’s resolutions or not, spending more time engaging with the Bible might be on your list of “what’s in for 2024”. Daily Strength, a little pocket-sized booklet, has verses for each day of the month that encourage us to ask for God’s help and remind us of God’s promises.

A light has dawned

Our resource Light Up uses contemporary news photos with verses about Jesus as the Light of the World, creating a thought-provoking reflection on what the Christmas story means in the real world. Patricia included our Christmas resource Light Up in seasonal care kits for people who are homeless.

Welcome into the Christmas story

The Christmas story is full of unlikely characters. None of them are obvious choices to witness God coming to earth. Those on the edge are brought into the heart of the story. The unremarkable places find themselves at the centre of the action.

The True Light shines in the forgotten places

Let me walk you through the streets of this city, as we stand at the corner and look on, a bystander in the forgotten places. Let me introduce you to five people who feel forgotten. And let us watch and rejoice as the True Light finds them in that place.

Introducing children to the cast of the Christmas story

Our booklet Meet the Cast is a firm favourite for sharing the story of Christmas with children and families, and there are so many creative ways to explore the story and get to know the cast.

Bringing words of hope into the hands of soldiers

ASR Gavin Dickson, a former Scots Guardsman, reflects on sharing the words of the Bible with the soldiers he works alongside.

Small books with big truths

Our booklets may be small, but within them are words of life. They are built around verses from scripture and are designed to amplify the Bible. They are small books filled with big truths.

Sharing words of life at Strawberry Field

In Liverpool, the prayer room at The Salvation Army's Strawberry Field project offers a space of sanctuary, and Lifewords resources are shared in one-to-one and group settings.

Finding hope at rock bottom

It can be hard to hold on to hope for those who are struggling acutely with mental illness, or for those whose lives have been turned upside down by a sudden tragedy. One thing that we have always been sure of at Lifewords is that the Bible is good news, even in the most painful moments, even in the darkest of places.

Anatomy of a Bible resource - A Story for the Whole World

Our new Christmas resource, A Story for the Whole World, uses illustrations and patterns from around the globe to help readers reflect on the words from the Bible. Jess Bee spoke to Dan Chalke, designer of the resource, to find out more about how he used the images to help bring a new perspective to the Christmas story.

The women of the Bible have so much to teach us – why aren’t we listening?

The single most important moment in human history was announced by women, so why do we see their stories been neglected by so many?

Anatomy of a Bible resource - The True Light

We love re-telling the narrative of Jesus’ coming, so that churches can share it in their communities. But have you ever wondered how to go about doing that differently again and again? Steve Bassett explains how a Bible resource is created, and how each one still holds the same DNA as the very first Scripture Gift Mission booklets did over 130 years ago.

Stories from India

At the end of last year we invited supporters to join us in praying for and resourcing work in India, to help bring about change in India where pastors, evangelists and others are seeking to share the gospel, and work against oppression.

A Brazilian family restored

For more than 18 years, Pavement Project has worked with countless families and children, and young people around the world. Here’s one of the many stories of God working through Pavement Project.

World Children's Day is coming!

Pavement Project is proud to join the United Nations in celebrating World Children's Day on Tuesday 20th November 2018. And we're inviting you too!

Forum 2:19 – embracing diversity

On 15th June Lifewords exhibited at the 10th anniversary of Forum 2:19 – an English teaching and outreach event in north London.

Modern day slavery

With more than 40 million people estimated to be victims of modern slavery worldwide, the Diocese of Rochester will explain what role the church must play.

Live it Out Loud

It's landed! A band new campaign which focuses on practical approaches to living out the Bible.

Say hello to Verdie!

After 18 years meet the newly re-designed face of Pavement Project.

Ronaldo* in Rio

UNICEF reveals that 140 million children worldwide are orphans. Four months ago Ronaldo* and his sister Sonia* became part of this number.

Truth to Power

Have you ever read the Bible out loud in a public space? What’s it like? We went to Westminster to find out.

All these women

On the 100th anniversary of (some) women in the UK first receiving the vote, Danielle Welch reflects on the Bible – and all these women.


A new card game designed to help young people take their first steps into Christian life through Bible verses, prayer actions and practices.

A New Generation

A fresh project that gathers musicians, provocateurs, poets, and activists around the ancient Bible sayings known as the beatitudes.

OUTSIDE/IN: Behind-the-scenes

Meet the team behind OUTSIDE/IN to find out how it came about, and why its message is important.

World Children's Day - change in Kenya

Communities all around the world today are celebrating Universal Children's Day.

Bake for Baghdad

Thanks to your support at the Great Pavement Project Bake Off today, we will now be able to fund a new tablet for Pavement Project!

Little Book of Chaos in Manchester

Former British Red Cross worker shares Little Book of Chaos one week after Manchester bombing.

Bringing calm to the chaos

VerseFirst launches new resource Little Book of Chaos to open up conversations with young people about the Bible and mental health.

The Bible and mental health

Recent studies say that 1 in 4 of us will suffer from a mental health disorder at some point in our lives – VerseFirst has more.

Life to the Full

In Kenya, many children find themselves orphaned as a result of HIV/Aids. But this project is helping them choose to hold on to life.

Wildflowers – Stories of flourishing

Lifewords and Luton charity Azalea are bringing local women's stories together with the Bible's life words.

Trauma response in the Middle East

Workers to take Pavement Project to traumatised children fleeing conflict, poverty and danger.

Stop child witch accusations

Danielle Welch reports on the work of SCWA – tackling the issue of child witchcraft accusations around the world.

Refugees in Germany

Frontline Community church in Germany uses An Invitation to reach refugees, and offer new community and welcome to all.

History, Heritage and Faith

What do Dame Judi Dench, Shakespeare's 400th anniversary, and the Bible have in common? Find out here.

100,000 meet the cast

Last year 100,000 people met the cast of the Christmas story, thanks to HOPE, Inspire magazine, and Lifewords!

Celebrating a Vision

After months of prayer and preparation, a new mission and evangelism training centre is up and running.

The worst place to be a child

In a society oppressed by poverty and violence, Pavement Project is helping Christians offer a different future to the children of Guatemala.

Supporting refugees

As stories about the refugee crisis in Europe fade from news cycles, on the ground the situation remains unchanged. Beth reports on what churches are doing to help.

Broken or Beloved?

Jess Bee talks to young women who have battled with low self-esteem and life-controlling issues. How have the Bible's life words made a difference in their lives?

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