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Meeting the moment together

You can help Pavement Project reach children in crisis.

As Pavement Project celebrates its 20th anniversary of ministering the Bible's life words to children-at-risk, the Covid-19 pandemic is revealing new needs and new pressures impacting children all over the world. We are seeing children in crisis: please help us reach them, and let’s meet this moment together!

Make a change for life

Through the pandemic, children are perceiving themselves differently, comparing themselves to images unheard of in 20 years of Pavement Project: a mask; a respirator; a wounded soldier, shot in the head and heart; a dead flower; a dark room, alone; a teacher with no resources; a relative dying. It is simply heart-breaking.

Pavement Project workers long to counsel the children personally – but it is simply unsafe. So, we have responded by adapting the work to counsel children via their digital devices with an app, directly in their homes. Imagine what a lifeline this is.

Staying in the light

Luisa* is just nine years old, and she’s now in a happy family with her parents. It’s hard to believe that in her young life, in her own home, she’d felt “like an armadillo hiding silently in a dark hole”. All she wanted was to be happy, for her family to go for outings and be together. For children, when adults’ relationships hit rough times, it’s hard to understand. But that was how she felt when she was counselled via the app.

During the counselling session, Luisa heard Bible stories, and believed that the God who calmed the storm could do anything – including mending her family! Luisa chose one of the app images, of John 8:12, “Jesus said: ‘I am the light of the world. The person who follows me will never live in darkness but will have the light that gives life.’” Luisa said she was in darkness while her parents struggled every day and night, all in a confined home space, but now she had come out of the hole and wanted to stay in the light! That very day, Luisa gave her father a hug. Her brave, loving action set off a chain of healing. Her dad and mum reconnected with the love they had for each other; her dad started going to church and found new faith in Jesus; through talking with counsellors, there was forgiveness, and they got married in October 2019. Wonderfully, in this process, Luisa got baptised in the church and just recently, our worker was invited to witness the baptism of both parents, too! Many people participated in this transformation: the church, the project, the Pavement Project worker, the therapist, the couple, and especially Luisa, who trusted in Jesus.


Let's meet this moment together

Embracing technology is how we make a difference right now to children like Luisa. Times are very tough for us all, but if you can give, your gift – however large or small – will ensure that we counsel more children online and, where it is safe to do so, in person with the ‘green bag’.

If you would like to give, that would be wonderful – but if you can’t, please do pray for our Pavement Project team, partners, and most of all, the children.

Please stand with us and donate if you can, and let’s meet this moment together!


*name changed to protect child's identity

Photos by Felipe Jonsson Lopes

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