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Resources for Ukraine

In Poland Lifewords is responding as best we can by joining hands with others to offer help and spiritual comfort to those displaced and affected by the conflict in Ukraine. Your support so far has enabled us to print more resources in Ukrainian and Russian, to bring hope to those in this time of great suffering.

Help us bring hope in a time of crisis.

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This Easter, the Russian invasion of Ukraine is causing seismic upheaval. For many, hope seems very distant. Half a million people, mostly women and children, fled Ukraine in just the first few days. Now, 10 million people have been displaced; at least 3.5 million (and rising) have left for neighbouring countries and over 2.5 million have crossed in to Poland so far.

If you have given a gift already, thank you. If you are able to donate now, you will help us to continue responding to the rapidly increasing need and equip those reaching and caring for the refugees, bringing hope in deep despair.

Jarek Jankowski, Lifewords' Global Resources Director has this update:

"The news we read is devestating, the pictures we see are heartbreaking, and the stories we hear from our new Ukrainian friends are horrific. Many of them sound like stories from World War II, about which I learned at school and read in books, and which I heard about from my grandparents, believing that we would never see similar things in this part of the world again...

People in Poland have really opened their hearts and homes - in many locations there was an overflow of volunteers wanting to help, so there were even waiting lists. Churches of all denominations are a really good testimony, showing the Gospel in action - they responded very quickly and are offering accommodation, practical help, Polish lessons, and are helping with formatlities so that our guests can benefit from public aid or start work. We use the term "our guests" to replace "war refugees" and thus avoid adding to their trauma."

Thanks to your generosity so far we have been able to print Finding Hope in Ukranian and Russian, as well as other Ukranian titles that include Words for the Journey. Within three weeks our Global Warehouse in Poland had sent out over 100 orders. Jarek told us,

"The high demand continues as we are one of the few sources of Ukranian Bible resources in this part of Europe and, at the time of writing this, the only one to offer a resource that was specifically created as a pastoral tool for crisis situations like the present one. The printed Bible resources are being used in Poland and other countries with a growing number of Ukranian refugees. Those in Ukraine (and elsewhere) are being reached by the digial version of Finding Hope, and in March over 210k people watched it. We have also created the animation in Russian." 

Please watch and share Finding Hope, and use it as you pray for Ukraine, displaced Ukrainians, Polish and other european volunteers helping refugees, global aid workers and the ordinary Russian people who are suffering too.

Praying for Ukraine

Please join us in praying. Here are some points from Jarek:

  • Pray for all who stay in the country and for those who have fled very often leaving behding their whole life and beginning a journey into the unknown - a journey they had not planned.
  • When asked about their plans, many are unable to answer the question. But they do already know that there is no return to their previous life as there is nothing to go back to - their homes have been destroyed, their workplaces don't exist anymore, their relatives have been dispersed.
  • Please pray for all who are doing their best to help - practically and spiritually. May the words of hope from the Bible enlighten many hearts in this otherwise dark time.
  • Let's pray for peace, healing and restoation which now seem so unattainable and distant.

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