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Words of life

There is no doubt of the effect that the pandemic has had on the mental health of the nation. If you are struggling, or know someone who is, we have resources to help. ‘The Little Book of Chaos’ and ‘Inspiring Prayer’ are proving helpful for churches and individuals living through Covid-19 lockdown. They encourage us to examine our mental well-being, and to find space for our spiritual and emotional life.


With full lockdown not expected to lift for some months, our lives remain constricted by the physical, emotional and spiritual ‘walls’ around us. Mental well-being and self-care have become high priorities for all age groups – especially young people. Everyone, everywhere, has been going through loneliness or loss, anxiety or despair: no-one is immune from these real-life experiences. 

The Little Book of Chaos and Inspiring Prayer encourage us to examine our mental well-being, and to find space for our spiritual and emotional life. "1 in 4 of us will suffer from mental health problems at some point in our lives", says Lifewords' Elizabeth King; "the pandemic has impacted people's mental well-being in many forms - panic attacks, self-harm, eating disorders, even suicides - and young people are especially affected. These resources offer the Bible's life words as a source of comfort, and hope - so vital in these days."

The Little Book of Chaos is a booklet with hard-hitting designs reflecting real-life stories framed with Scripture. Each page reveals the truth of a young person's mental health struggles, such as "Depression is a bubble. I am trapped inside while the world continues around me. I can't get away from it, no matter how hard I try." How does Scripture respond to such cries? Originally created in collaboration with mental heath charity 'Think Twice', the Little Book of Chaos helps young people and those who work with them to open up the conversation from a Bible perspective. 

Whether you pray regularly or have never tried it before, Inspiring Prayer combines prayers from the Bible with other written prayers and exercises to use. It encourages us to find spaces in our lives to pray and experience God's presence - even in a world of lockdown. "Inspiring Prayer opens a door to experience prayer, and perhaps find that it lifts hearts and minds to a Greater Love when all around seems so confusing." says Matt Currey of Lifewords.

All resources are freely available and come in packs of 10. Order for you, or for someone you know, and tell your church - we want as many people as possible to be able to safely access these resources.

The Lifewords staff team still meet remotely and we would love to pray for you. Please email me at  elizabeth.king@lifewords.global with prayer requests.

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