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Lifewords Bible booklets are loved and used by many around the world. They’re known for presenting the bible text clearly and simply through beautiful, engaging art and illustration.  

They’re great to read, easy to share, and designed to equip, engage, empower, and invite people to experience the Bible’s lifewords, and the way of Jesus. People sometimes ask us ‘what’s the best way to use these booklets’. Well, here is our ‘best practice’ guide.

Our booklets are created around Bible themes and stories, and in response to different cultural and social needs and contexts.

Please select booklet resources based on the core context that they were created to be used in – see website, or call us for more information.

The best ways to put these booklets to work include:

  • Through a church or respected organisation/group
  • In church/organisation events and outreach
  • In public contexts where a recognised group or community is endorsing and promoting ‘approved’ resources,
  • In church services, events and presentations for sharing of the Bible (e.g. Christmas, Easter, community events)
  • As part of ‘care/gift packages’ to various sections of the community (prisons, hospitals, etc.), endorsed by local leader/s and /or professionals/specialists (Vicars, chaplains, youth leaders, etc.)
  • As part of conversation with friend/s or those with whom you have established a good one-to-one relationship
  • With specialists and professionals who are working in specific contexts with particular needs (e.g. with the homeless, with trafficked people, with troubled youths, etc.)

Please remember that these booklets are designed to be shared with Christian love and kindness, in an appropriate manner that respects all people, in appropriate places and situations, and with sensitivity, care, and compassion.

How they are used reflects on the user, the affiliated church or group, and on to Lifewords as publisher.

Therefore, please note that as publisher of these booklets, Lifewords:

  • Does not endorse these resources being used in ways that constitute coercion, harassment or soliciting
  • Does not recommend these being used as ‘confetti’ distribution (e.g. in shopping centres, or pushed through private letterboxes): they are NOT ‘tracts’, they are context/theme-specific resources
  • Does not approve or sanction our resources being taken by individuals and used to ‘target’ people for ‘conversion’ in their places of work, homes, or public spaces.
  • Does not tolerate racism, hate speech, disparaging of other religions, homophobia or any related bullying or cajoling. We do not wish to be associated in any way with such behaviour and will support any actions to report, rectify and sanction any such inappropriate actions to members of the public.

If you are considering ordering materials and are unsure as to the most effective ways to use them, please do call us or contact us – we’d love to help and be part of your experience of sharing lifewords!

Thank you for understanding, and for partnering with us in sharing the Bible with sensitivity, grace and passion.