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Ninefold Path

If you or your church are looking for a fresh way to engage with the Bible and create opportunities to put the words of Jesus into practice, Ninefold Path is an immersive next step on your journey.

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The Ninefold Path resource invites us to explore how the way of Jesus framed in the beatitudes (Mt.5) and the ‘sermon on the mount’ can revolutionize our lives, our communities and even our world.

“It’s not a Bible study, it’s applied theology, it’s practice, it’s useful, it’s a way of life!” - Jamie Sweet

Available as The Ninefold Path Notebook, it has been designed for use either individually or in a a group context. Each beatitude (or, ‘beat’) offers a short invitation for you to read, reflect on and wrestle with. Then, there are 3 practices or experiments which give the opportunity to put the words of Jesus into action in our daily lives and contexts.

“The Ninefold Path refined my perception of Jesus. The way of Jesus seems more practical to me now because I have learned some easy-to-use tools. I wish I'd known earlier how awesome this really is." - Rhanee Tsetsakos

The Ninefold Path Notebook is available in packs of 5 for £15 and you can also find extra resources  and video content. 

To find out more and order resources visit ninefoldpath.org

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