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“The ripple effect of the individuals who gift these Little Bricks far outreaches your imagination. Our patients will return to their communities knowing that ... God did not leave them alone at a time when they felt the most vulnerable. So, on behalf of our patients and our non-funded department, we would say to you a very heartfelt thank you."

Melissa Jack, Mental Health Chaplain


For just £25 (If you'd like to pay for the postage as well, it's an extra donation of £5, or more - please gift as much as you'd like!) you can GIFT A BRICK to a ministry, church, or worker like Melissa that will enable them to share Scripture in their context. You can gift as many bricks as you wish. 

Like all Lifewords Bible resoures, the Little Brick is a creative way to help people experience the Bible for themselves. It comes pre-loaded with 48 Little Books - eight each of the six titles in our popular range, including the brand-new Little Book of Joy. Once used, the brick can be re-filled via our online shop of resources (free, or for donation).

Use the form below to nomiate a recipent, follow the link the make your donation, and we'll do the rest. You'll be helping make Scripture available in schools, hospitals, prisons, youth centres, churches, worksplaces - anywhere people gather and the story can be shared - thank you!

You can also apply for a gifted Little Brick and we will let you know when we have been able to match you up with a donor, or you can buy a Brick for your own church or minstry.

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