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Hopefully these FAQs will answer any lingering questions you have. If you would like to ask something that isn't covered here, please do email us at uk@lifewords.global or call us on 020 7730 2155.

What is the Little Brick of Little Books and why have we created it?

The Little Brick of Little Books is a brand-new tool for ministries that need quality, Bible-centred resources that people will read, re-read, and keep; a boxed collection of the entire Little Books range that comes pre-packed with 48 Little Books - 8 of each title - and can be continually restocked, optimising the content for each specific group, chaplaincy, or church. They will make Scripture available in schools, hospitals, prisons, youth centres, churches, worksplaces - anywhere people gather and the story can be shared.

Who is it for?

The Little Brick of Little Books is designed for ministries, chaplaincies, churches and other key groups, giving them the opportunity to provide Bible-centred resources that will be valued and cherished by their recipients. Within the confines of the Little Brick, an array of resources awaits, providing individuals from diverse walks of life with the invaluable opportunity to engage deeply with the profound words of the Bible. 

Why isn't it free?

A Little Brick costs £25 (If you'd like to pay for the postage as well, it's an extra donation of £5, or more - please gift as much as you'd like!), which covers the production of the resource. For those working in chaplaincies, youth groups and other areas of ministry who may not have the funds to purchase a brick, they can request a gifted brick, which are paid forward by those who choose to support other ministries in this way. 

Can I buy one for someone else?

Yes please! If you know of a ministry who would benefit from a Little Brick of Little Books please GIFT A BRICK to them. Or more than one if they need it. If you are a ministry in need of Bible-centred resources like these, you can either purchase a brick for yourself, or, if funding is an issue, you can register to be a recipent of a Little Brick, and when someone GIFTS A BRICK we can match you up. 

What are the Little Books that are inside the Little Brick?

Each Little Brick comes pre-filled with a set of 48 Little Books - six of each of the current titles. When the Little Brick needs refilling, you can order whichever titles are the most useful to you - whether it's a selection of all the titles again, or a 48 copies of just one Little Book, or anything inbetween.

Why physical Little Books in a culture that appears to be increasingly digital?  

You might wonder why we’ve chosen something so physical when we live in what seems to be an increasingly digital culture. It’s not that we’re afraid of going digital. We are excited by the opportunities of interchanging the digital and the analog and look forward to creating animations and an array of resources based on various Little Books. But the reality is that people still love books, and the immediacy and impact that these Little Books bring just wouldn’t be the same in a different format. Not everyone is comfortable in digital settings and not everything needs to or even does take place on the smart phones in many of our pockets. There is an increasing awareness of the impact of mobile phones, social media and digital culture on our mental health, and it can be refreshing to offer something tangible and set apart from a virtual world. 

Why is it called the ‘Little Brick’ when it isn’t little?

Okay, confession time ... we know that a real life brick, and our Little Brick of Little Books, isn't exactly little. We were just having a bit of fun with the name. That being said, the Little Brick is a fun way of providing a collection of resources that enable individuals from all walks of life to engage with the Bible. 

While we are telling on ourselves, please don't get out your tape measure - the Little Brick isn't quite the precise height of a real brick. Sorry! Instead, it stands as a metaphorical representation of a compact treasure trove of literary gems, ready to be discovered