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From 'You Matter' to 'Day by Day' at the YMCA

Over the past four years, the Lifewords booklets have proven to be a valuable source of support at the YMCA hostel for homeless individuals of all ages where John volunteers with chaplaincy support.

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Words of the Bible for every day

Whether you are making new year’s resolutions or not, spending more time engaging with the Bible might be on your list of “what’s in for 2024”. Daily Strength, a little pocket-sized booklet, has verses for each day of the month that encourage us to ask for God’s help and remind us of God’s promises.

A light has dawned

Our resource Light Up uses contemporary news photos with verses about Jesus as the Light of the World, creating a thought-provoking reflection on what the Christmas story means in the real world. Patricia included our Christmas resource Light Up in seasonal care kits for people who are homeless.

The True Light shines in the forgotten places

Let me walk you through the streets of this city, as we stand at the corner and look on, a bystander in the forgotten places. Let me introduce you to five people who feel forgotten. And let us watch and rejoice as the True Light finds them in that place.

Sharing words of life at Strawberry Field

In Liverpool, the prayer room at The Salvation Army's Strawberry Field project offers a space of sanctuary, and Lifewords resources are shared in one-to-one and group settings.

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Finding hope at rock bottom

It can be hard to hold on to hope for those who are struggling acutely with mental illness, or for those whose lives have been turned upside down by a sudden tragedy. One thing that we have always been sure of at Lifewords is that the Bible is good news, even in the most painful moments, even in the darkest of places.

The women of the Bible have so much to teach us – why aren’t we listening?

The single most important moment in human history was announced by women, so why do we see their stories been neglected by so many?

Truth to Power

Have you ever read the Bible out loud in a public space? What’s it like? We went to Westminster to find out.

All these women

On the 100th anniversary of (some) women in the UK first receiving the vote, Danielle Welch reflects on the Bible – and all these women.

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