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Let God's words bring you hope

Available in printed form and as an animation in over 50 languages, Finding Hope guides the reader from the questions of ‘who cares?’ and ‘where is God?’ to a reminder that God is hope and that God can be trusted.

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Sharing joy this Easter

Each of our Easter resources uses the Bible’s own words to invite people to reflect on the person of Jesus, his death on the cross and his resurrection from the grave.

Welcome into the Christmas story

The Christmas story is full of unlikely characters. None of them are obvious choices to witness God coming to earth. Those on the edge are brought into the heart of the story. The unremarkable places find themselves at the centre of the action.

Introducing children to the cast of the Christmas story

Our booklet Meet the Cast is a firm favourite for sharing the story of Christmas with children and families, and there are so many creative ways to explore the story and get to know the cast.

Bringing words of hope into the hands of soldiers

ASR Gavin Dickson, a former Scots Guardsman, reflects on sharing the words of the Bible with the soldiers he works alongside.

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Small books with big truths

Our booklets may be small, but within them are words of life. They are built around verses from scripture and are designed to amplify the Bible. They are small books filled with big truths.

Anatomy of a Bible resource - A Story for the Whole World

Our new Christmas resource, A Story for the Whole World, uses illustrations and patterns from around the globe to help readers reflect on the words from the Bible. Jess Bee spoke to Dan Chalke, designer of the resource, to find out more about how he used the images to help bring a new perspective to the Christmas story.

Anatomy of a Bible resource - The True Light

We love re-telling the narrative of Jesus’ coming, so that churches can share it in their communities. But have you ever wondered how to go about doing that differently again and again? Steve Bassett explains how a Bible resource is created, and how each one still holds the same DNA as the very first Scripture Gift Mission booklets did over 130 years ago.

OUTSIDE/IN: Behind-the-scenes

Meet the team behind OUTSIDE/IN to find out how it came about, and why its message is important.

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