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80 Years of Daily Strength

Daily Strength has been encouraging, comforting, strengthening and transforming lives for over 80 years.

Just over 80 years ago, Scripture Gift Mission (now Lifewords) produced the first ever copy of Daily Strength in English. Today, it’s as popular as ever, being shared by churches, chaplains, ministries and individuals in so many unique contexts. So what’s the secret to its longevity?

Daily Strength provides 30 daily scripture readings that are timeless. These short, simple encouragements bring God’s comfort and peace in a way that reaches across cultures, ages, needs and aches. These life words connect us to Jesus and enable people to feel his peace and presence.

Seven copies of Daily Strength with different covers dating between 1943 and the present.

Rajiv’s Story*

Born in India, Rajiv* lost his mother when he was 4-years-old. He reflects: “I always felt that I was lost and that my future was bleak.” At 12-years-old, his father who was an Indian Air Force Officer, almost died too, leaving Rajesh feeling more lost and confused.

In August 1984, Rajiv’s father had a serious accident in Western India. He lost a lot of blood, his femur, was broken in two places, his left wrist was broken, his right ankle was chipped, and he had a head injury that required 26 stitches. He was flown by an Army helicopter to a Military Hospital in Maharashtra, where he remained for over a year.

During this time, a Nurse gave his father two Lifewords booklets: Words of Comfort and Daily Strength. Later, he told Rajiv and his siblings about the books, and the peace, comfort, and belief that he experienced when reading them.

Rajiv shared: “We felt that by God’s grace my father had been given a second life. After he recovered and left hospital, me and my sisters started reading the two books our father had been given. Since then, me and my family have been reading Words of Comfort and Daily Strength every day as our prayers. I have always felt as if the Lord Jesus was with me, guiding me and talking to me through these two books, giving me comfort and strength. It’s as though the Lord Jesus is telling me: ‘Don’t worry, I’m with you, I will take care of you.’”

After years of daily reading Rajiv reached out to Lifewords to request new copies of Daily Strength.

“I’m now 54 years old, and for 29 years have been reading these booklets daily. It’s my aim that I read these books daily till my last day on Earth. Please pray for me and my family as, particularly for a good job that would ensure I can pay back any debts, and support my family.”

*name changed

Bible verses printed on the pages of a small copy of Daily Strength published in 1943.

Chaplains and churches

Claire, a Hospital Chaplain shared “It is such a help to have the large print edition of Daily Strength in hospital, as many patients may be partially-sited, or may not have access to their glasses or contacts at that time. The various translations of ‘Daily Strength’ have also been very useful in a context where both patients and staff speak a variety of languages.”

Janet from Cranleigh Baptist Church runs Senior Link, “a group of senior citizens who meet each Tuesday afternoon to make new friends, have fun and to hear about Jesus.”

Janet shared: “Over half of these dear folk don’t attend church, so when I was given a booklet titled Daily Strength I immediately thought what a great resource to give each of our 60 members one for Easter. My prayer is that as they read each daily verse they will want to know more about having a real faith that will keep them going in all the ups and downs of life.”

New resources, new audiences

We know that there are countless ways in which people have come to hear the good news of the gospel and in which people continue to find encouragement and life in the Bible’s words.

We continue to search for new ways to help people engage with the God’s word, developing projects and creating resources that speak the words of Scripture into an array of contexts, experiences and walks of life. As our Supporter Engagement Lead, Elizabeth King shared on UCB, “wherever people are gathered and the story is told, that is where our resources shine the brightest.”


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