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Brick By Brick

“These Little Books are a great, accessible, modern and colourful resource. They are full of faith and Bible promises. It’s like having a little pick-me-up, a window into the Bible that you can carry around in your pocket or bag.”

For years, people all over the world have been using Lifewords Little Books to help others engage with the Bible. Alison is one of these people. She works with young people in church schools in Manchester, helping them as they make the transition from primary to secondary school.

For schools and youth workers like Alison, who are seeking to encourage young people in their faith or bring comfort to those experiencing mental illness, or for those running drop-in centres and cafés for the homeless or refugees, or for chaplains bringing peace to patients and their families in hospitals, or holding out words of life to those in prison, the Little Books range has something for everyone – and all using verses from the Bible to encourage, comfort, uplift and challenge.

In 1999 Lifewords published Little Book of Help, our first ‘little book’ Since then others have followed, and the range has grown to include Little Book of Help, Little Book of Faith, Little Book of Chaos, Little Book of Prayer, Little Book of Jesus, and the brand-new Little Book of Joy.

Now, for the first time, the Little Books are available in an official, boxed collection, the Little Brick of Little Books. “We hope that this Little Brick will be something that people use and restock as they engage with themes and issues arising in life and being human in today's world, and look for creative ways to share the Bible’s words of life,” says Steve Bassett, Lifewords Creative Director.

“People might wonder why we’ve chosen something so physical when we live in what seems to be an increasingly digital culture,” says Steve. “It’s not that we’re afraid of going digital. We are excited by the opportunities of interchanging the digital and the analog, and look forward to creating animations and an array of resources based on the Little Books. But the reality is that people still love books, and the immediacy and impact that these Little Books bring just wouldn’t be the same in a different format.

“Not everyone is comfortable in digital settings and not everything needs to or even does take place on the smart phones in many of our pockets. There is an increasing awareness of the impact of mobile phones, social media and digital culture on our mental health, and it can be refreshing to offer something tangible and set apart from a virtual world.” 

The Little Brick of Little Books is designed for ministries, chaplaincies, churches and other key groups, giving them the opportunity to provide Bible-centred resources that will be valued and cherished by their recipients. “Our church has found these books to be so helpful for young people and those who are curious about faith. It's such a beautiful way to share the life words of the Bible,” says Laura from Holland Road Baptist Church.

For just £25 you can GIFT A BRICK to a ministry, church, or worker that will enable them to share Scripture in their context. You can gift as many bricks as you wish – or buy a brick to use yourself!

Or perhaps you’re a chaplain, church worker, teacher or youth worker who would benefit from more resources. If so, you can request a Little Brick. We want our resources to always be freely available at the point of need.

The Little Books speak to the human experience wherever and however we are. Through our Little Brick, and through the Little Books held within, we hope to provide thought-provoking, conversation-starting, reflection-inducing small chinks of light in a challenging world.

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