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Trauma response in the Middle East

Pavement Project helps children around the world who have suffered trauma, abuse, and neglect.

This powerful and proven counselling tool has helped bring self-worth and healing to tens of thousands of children, through 1-2-1 help, and through the application of stories about Jesus. Now we need your support to offer that same help to the many thousands of children currently in refugee camps in Lebanon - as well as in Jordan, Egypt, and Iraq - who have fled war, conflict, and danger.

Lifewords is partnering with the Brazilian Baptist World Mission to train and equip missionaries in the Middle East, with Pavement Project tools. A small group of workers have already been trained, and have been testing the programme. Now we are planning further training to help grow the reach of this sensitive work. We are committed to producing new training resources in Arabic to help equip local workers in the region, and to producing new Arabic language green bags.

We are looking for a final £7,000 of funding to do this work in 2017. You can make a donation directly at www.lifewords.global/give, or email us at uk@lifewords.global for more details. A £75 donation will provide a green bag for a worker; anything you’re able to give will help meet the training, production, and project costs. Together, let’s make sure that children are given the chance to begin a new story of hope. Thank you!

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